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Too busy for real plants huh?

Ideal plants for the busy plant parent

This blog was inspired by my dear friend Krystal, so here is looking at you kid! Krystal like everyone else in my life send me messages asking me how upset would I be if they opted for faux plants. Now Krystal knowing how passionate I am about NOT having faux plants; as I do not believe they serve a purpose; she prefaced her question with a scale of my of anger level starting from “highly upset" to "will you shoot my house up?” I agreed to hear her out before I gave my recommendation… so I asked her if she preferred AK-47 or AR-15 rounds?? She preferred neither and of course I would never shoot my dear friends house up! Instead, I opted to give her a noticeably short list of ideal plants for any busy plant parent that will live comfortably in any zone throughout the seasons.

Now first up, the Sansevieria, otherwise known as the Snake Plant. You really cannot go wrong with this plant. With its snake like pattern on the leaves, they grow tall with a pointed tip. This plant does not mind being neglected whatsoever. She will thrive in bright light but for the busy plant parent, you of course are not concerned with that. Stick her in the bathroom with a window, or your living space with low to medium lighting. She is a slow grower and does not require fertilization or frequent watering. Feeding her once a month is ideal.

And last to round out the shortest list of lists, Pothos, specifically the Marble Queen. She will give you and your guests a little razzle dazzle with her beautiful green and white leaves that boost a beautiful marble pattern. She is another slow grower that thrives in medium lighting. She will tell you when she wants to be fed by drooping yellowing leaves or stop growing all together. Fertilization for her comes twice a year, once in the fall and followed by one time during spring. Watering once every 3-4 weeks is ideal.

Now Miss Krystal specifically wants plants in her living room and both these plants would do very well in her new space. If you are a plant parent and have a friend like Krystal, do not shoot up their house. Instead, grab them by the hand and head out to your local farmers market or nursery and pick up a 2-3 of these plants (with a few other goodies) and I guarantee Krystal and the others will thank you. Now lets all sip champagne and give Krystal (or anyone else in your life) a huge congratulations on their new space. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe to this blog. You can also schedule a photo/video or virtual consultation if you would like me to help get you started or continue care for your plant babies!

~Happy Haute Planting xoH2!

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Love it! You had me dying talmbout you want the ak-47 or ar-15 rounds 🤣😅

HaiDera Hollins
HaiDera Hollins
Jul 11, 2021
Replying to

I like a lil jokey joke every now and again 😂. Thank you for subscribing!

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