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The guttation of the situation

Is your Monstera crying?

I know, I know you are probably asking how and when did the Monstera (or plants in general) started crying?? Well, we all are in for a little shock with this one! So, I was making my morning rounds per usual drinking my tea checking out each of my plant babies and making sure they are all okay. I noticed that a few plants were dry, so I decided to sprinkle them with a little distilled water.

Later that evening I noticed the leaves on my Monstera had tiny water droplets. I shook it off as splash back from their earlier watering. To my surprise I saw more water droplets the next morning. Now I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but something was way off. Again, I did not think much of it. It was not until I noticed more water droplets appearing on different leaves on the same two Monstera's that I watered the previous morning.

So how can this be; I look up to find there are no holes in my ceiling so it could not have been rainwater. And besides, there was no rain in the forecast so clearly, I was losing it. So, I did what any concerned plant parent would do, I went straight to google! Specifically, in the Monstera two things will happen when they receive too much water. First, leaves will turn yellow. No surprise there, that is the standard for all plants. Then I read further and learned that when the Monstera (and other muscular plants) has too much water in their roots that they will force the water out.

That is where I learned of Guttation. Guttation as defined by Google is “the secretion of droplets of water from the pores of the plant.” This process happens at night when the soil is very moist, and the roots absorb water. No wonder I noticed the water droplets the next day. Water is squeezed out through the roots and onto the tips and blades of the leaves.

Now my mind is blown, and this gives a whole new meaning to gutt health! Have you ever noticed water droplets on your Monstera? What are some other plants you may have noticed secreting water droplets? Click here to book a virtual or photo consultation if you want me to check out your plant babies! Like, subscribe and comment to let us know!

~ Happy Haute Planting xoH2!

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