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Hello and welcome!


    I’m HaiDera, owner and founder of Haute Houseplants LLC. My journey with houseplants began when I was 12yrs old, watering plants was my household chore. Additionally, I was a young gardener and successfully grew fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t until my adult life that I discovered how therapeutic caring for plants can be. 

    Back in 2015 is when my friends and family encouraged me to document my plant journey. Through this I discovered so many local plant enthusiast like myself. In April of 2019 I co-hosted the first ever Michigan Plant Swap where plant lovers and discoverers came to Detroit to swap, sell plants, plant cuttings and accessories. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the 2020 Michigan plant swap was canceled. I saw the need for plant care and decided to start a blog and plant consultation service.

    Follow along as I share my tips on plant care and discover new ways to care for your precious plants. Happy Haute planting! 


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